PARDON has developed a solid brand identity along with all the trimmings. With this project being awarded silver in the Melbourne Design Award.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: in its second year of operation, with 20,000 customers, Sumo Power exceeded their forecast dramatically. The PARDON team is proud to have been part of growing the business and helped their customers to connect to something BIGGER.

Brand Naming / Brand Identity / Campaign Creative / Video / Corporate Stationery / Interior Styling / Brand Experience / Website

“Working with PARDON was refreshing. The approach was a no nonsense process that had the formal rigour when needed but left space for idea creation, creativity and a sense of engagement by the shareholders. The end result was a stand out in terms of colour, name and brand creation. We got this to a final stage quickly and without fuss. Thanks PARDON for helping us to create Sumo Power”

Sumo Power, Melbourne

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